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By Paul L. Anderson, Gail C. Anderson

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ISBN-13: 9780672484179

This distinct paintings appears on the portability, execution potency and programming software concepts of the complex c program languageperiod. Examples are given of ways complicated C purposes will be moved shape procedure to process.

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Define long SWAP (A, B) {\ t;\ (t) (A) ; \ (A) (B) ; \ (B) (t) ; \ The macro uses a temporary variable inside a block to swap two arguments. t is a long to accommodate the size of the largest integer data type. For readability, backslashes (\) allow macro text to appear on separate lines. Note that programs that use SWAP never have name conflicts with t, since its scope is defined inside the block of the macro. Macros execute faster than equivalent functions because the compiler doesn't have the overhead of pushing parameters on the stack and returning values.

The compiler requires only square brackets ([]) for the array servo (l00 is optional). extern's for function names are optional. C allows extern double f(); in modl. c, although it's not necessary. Without the keyword static, tion declarations are external. all func- • 34 Chapter 1 • • Preprocessor Directives and Macros • The preprocessor is separate from the C compiler and has its own syntax rules. Programs use the preprocessor to include header files and provide textual substitutions before compilation.

A similar approach works for 32-bit integers (see Exercise 11). • C Refresher • 41 TABLE 1-7. ) Lowest • 42 Chapter 1 • • Summary • • The compiler treats the most significant bit as data in unsigned types. data • Integers have different formats than floating point. If the compiler interprets an integer for a float (or vice versa), programs may produce incorrect results. • C does not convert function parameters from integer to floating point and vice versa. • If a function returns something other than an integer, you must inform the compiler of the function's return data type before it's used.

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